5 Excellent


Robot is a spectacular movie, the 'baap' of all entertainers. I must admit that I went in with a lot of apprehensions (I am not a big fan of Rajni), however, I thanked my friend who made the booking within the first 10 minutes. Boy, was I hooked! This is called true blue wholesome entertainment (add adjectives like family film, superb kids bonanza, thunderous summer blockbuster etc. etc.). It's Rajni's show all the way. He excels in all 3 avatars and dwarfs everyone else. The one person who stood out apart from Rajni was director Shankar! The man who dared to dream big, and executed it so well, to deliver a product that was 'complete' in all respects. It has a simple, yet engrossing story, a taut screenplay with good twists and turns and it uses Rajni to the fullest!

Kudos to Aishwarya Rai for doing the film, despite knowing that it's a hero film right through. She knows she is eye-candy and accordingly lights up the screen (saving grace: unlike other masala flicks, this heroine does not make a disappearing act.. she is there as part of the story throughout)

Everyone is raving about the thrills, the stunts and the SFX, and are quick to credit the Hollywood studios, however the fact is, most of it has been done by Indians in India, with additional help from Hollywood. It's something the technical crew can be very proud of.

I have already bought the tickets for my immediate family and am looking forward to watching Robot on Monday!