4 Very Good

Right Yaaa Wrong

Right Yaaa Wrong – It’s heart is in the right place !!

Right Yaaa Wrong is a decent movie made with a lot of efforts and passion by all those who are associated with the film.

Every frame in the movie is excellently shot. Editing is razor sharp and the best part is that the length of the movie (despite a slightly lengthy script) is restricted to a little over 2 hours. At the outset, the director has made it very clear about the theme around which the movie revolves, namely, the two friends have different approaches / ideologies towards various life situations (referring the scene where Sunny lets a little boy go scot free). This different approach of one person could be ‘Right’ in his own wisdom but may be ‘Wrong’ when viewed from other person’s perspective. The movie is captivating from the word go. The last 40 minutes are highly enthralling. The excellent sound recording and the background music (in almost all the scenes) makes the movie a compelling watch only in the big screens.

The entire cast is first rate. In the initial portions of the movie, in one of the scenes with Parikshit Sahani, Sunny exudes a lot of confidence about himself and his recovery from ill health. My sense is all the artistes especially Sunny, Irfan, Konkana & Esha exude the similar confidence while enacting their respective roles throughout the movie and there is no low when it comes to their performances. Sunny’s role (though does not have so much aggression that he displayed in his life time best ‘Ghayal;) is in same league as Ghayal. Irfan does his best in almost all the scenes; special mention must be made of the confrontation scenes with Sunny & Konkana, scene with the constable in the penultimate reels with glasses of scotch, his outburst when he is advised to hand over Sunny’s case to D’souza (other police officer), etc. Esha does justice to her role. Konkana has a great screen presence especially during court room scenes.

It was reported in the media that Sunny was not so particular about making a lot of publicity / marketing for the movie. Here, I would say that the product (the movie) is excellent (in fact, in terms of thrillers – it is in the league of RACE [which was a super duper hit and was very well marketed – it was also made with a lavish budget but RYW seems to made at a modest budget] and the only way to ensure that the product is enjoyed by as many people as possible is to do some more aggressive marketing. As there are no big movies lined up during the next couple of weeks due to the fear of IPL, the producers of this movie should take advantage of this and must do some aggressive marketing starting Saturday, March 13, 2010 through all the channels of media be it print, television, hoardings, internet, SMSs, blogs, etc.

Rating : 4 out of 5