4.5 Excellent

Rakht Charitra – 2

Rakht Charitra part 2 Review
This film was really good and I can't believe that the movie would be this gripping and there's an element which it didn't really have in the first part and it's a strong plot with great characters and that's what this part has. The performance by Suriya was mind blowing and he has a lot of chances to make it to bollywood and hats of to Ramu for making such a great film and this is his masterpiece that he has given us to watch and adore. This movie was fantastic and if you look at it on a whole this was an outstanding film and this part was a great conclusion to the series. In conclusion, this film was fantastic and it was a perfect way to end this whole entire movie!!! You guys really have to see this film just for the performances of viviek oberoi and Suriya since they really sparked up the screen. The direction fantastic and the action was just AWESOME as always. My rating is a