4 Very Good


The title speaks for itself, Saif, akshaye khanna play the lead roles, anil plays the cop. Bipasha and katrina are at there best. Sameera got one funny role of anil's associate. Movie's got glamour love drama and suspense and unexpected ending(one can say). The movie showcases how money can spoil the relationship. Saif and khanna are showcased as bro's who care for each other(Khanna cares for liquor more as shown in beginning). Plot is awesome. Songs are really good. Pheli Nazar mein is very melodious and The title song is too good. Zara Zara touch me is good but not so good in the case of visuals. But overall the song's hit according to me but not as Awesome as the title track or Pheli nazar mein. Overall i think Abbas mustan has Done a very good work. And for the Shooting locations its too awesome The Mercedes driven by Saif in the begnning is too good. Overall the must watch movie.