5 Excellent

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

if you don't like "different" or hatke movies... this movie is not for you. Fresh from the word go, in this movie, SRK does what he does best, entertain... and entertain with occasional heartache. A cute Little film with a huge impact that remains after the movie ends, how every person is vulnerable in front of love that matters, how every arranged marriage in this country puts to test every couple, and how most of them pass that test with flying colors. Take away that bit of gloss and melodrama... this movie can fight any Hollywood romantic comedy like you've got mail or somethings gotta give. But accepted Adi_SRK also has to deliver a hit. show this to any person who doesn't know SRK, he will like it. that shows people who rate this movie 2 stars are actually SRK haters. In many reviews i observe that SRK's Suri avtar is liked more than Raj avtar. But Suri had the backing of the director. Raj is the real tragic hero, and he always seemed more mature and lovable than the shy and (yes i do agree) cute Suri.
The ending couldn't have been better...