4 Very Good

RNBDJ is a complete album, every single song is different from the other barring the slower version of the title track, which is a situational one ofcourse. The songs dont have an immediate effect on you but listening to them more than once makes them grow on you and one gets into the films groove. But the best thing about Yashraj albums is that their picturizations, especially those involving Adi-SRK, are truly unique and make the songs memorable.
1. Haule Haule - great song and you start liking the tune and the lyrics after the first couple of times you have heard it.

2. Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai - Truly soulful number and has SRK and romance written all over it, lyrics touch you and it is one of those evergreen love songs.

3. Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai (slow) - Shreya Ghoshal always touches everyone with her soulful voice and its the same case here as well.

4. Dance Pe Chance - Give this track a chance and you'll see that its a terrific song, foottapping music and once again amazing picturization alongwith casual lyrics do the trick.

5. Phir Milenge - Great Medley kind of song and only Sonu Nigam could have sung it this way, captures decades of cinema.

6. Dancing Jodi - You revisit all of the tracks and a bit fast paced, another nice addition.

All in all a great album and once the film is out there will be no one, who doesnt love every song of this album. Welldone Saleem-Sulaiman.....