1 Poor


Well the review person and the writer director need to see the Mahabaratha again.. i didn't expect an item song which is sort of there or joke when i remember that epic which i saw in my childhood... But i didn't expect this poor adaptation or very bad story like this ...
I don't what the director and writer want to say .. Firstly, there is no Yudishtri in Arjun Rampal role.. Sumeer say he cant kill Sooraj because he is nihata and in pervious screen he is doing everything to kill him… the mother doesn’t even have a ressemblance of kunti in her, the scene with (Ajay) is so loose in the end … Nana Patekar role look like he is playing a Sakuni who try to manipulate Sumeer (Ranbir Kapoor) to kill his brother... Sumeer tries to justify with a speech what he does..
This is a movie for justifying that if you kill someone for your own good is correct.. When you see movie like Wake up Sid u feel wow and have positive energy around .. when you see this you need positive energy