4 Very Good


An excellent starcast... a very knowledgeable director.. a cinematic adaptation of the Mahabharat... what else for the perfect recipe of a Bollywood Blockbuster?

Overall appreciation: Will certainly attract many movie-goers due to its gripping storyline... Don't miss this one!

Let me first start with the negative points of the movie. The ending will indeed be subject to divided opinions, as not all will appreciate it. The songs seemed very badly fit into the screenplay. Many aspects of the story could've been deleted from the movie, to make it even better.

But that apart... This movie will certainly be a relief to the movie industry, as it will certainly collect money, after a line of flops recently released! Because one just can't ignore the powerful performances by EACH and EVERY actor in the movie.

To start with, the rookie. Ranbir Kapoor. He has evolved so much as an actor, and he has been choosing good scripts lately. (apart from Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani ) His expressions are a gem in this movie. Watch out for this talent, a superstar in the making.

Then, there is the favorite of the critics. Apparently Ranbir touched his feet after the premiere, that's how he was impressed by Manoj Bajpai's acting. Bajpai's every dialog, every action are beautifully performed.

Nana Patekar was superb. So was Arjun Rampal. Surprisingly, even Naserrudin Shah's special appearance leaves a good impact on the audience! Katrina Kaif might not impress in the first half, but in the ending, her dialog delivery just makes up for it. Ajay Devgan, as consistently good as always!

Screenplay was crisp. But few elements look badly placed. However, you don't feel bored at any point of the movie. Dialogs were great, so were the action direction. Technically, the movie was FABULOUS.

I will go for 4 stars out of 5 for this well-attempted adaptation of the Mahabharat by Prakash Jha. Hope you guys liked my review. And I'm open to any criticism of my criticism,

Rating: 4/5