0.5 Poor


RA ONE- The hugely marketed and advertised movie ever i feel. There had to be some reason behind this magnitude of publicity and the outcome is simple- THE MOVIE IS A BIG DISASTER!! It falls flat at almost all the places. Script is the heart of a film and it was horrible. Wonder how such experienced Khan accepted to do this and moreover produced it. Honestly, It was just like watching a game's game-play and i wouldn't have even liked to buy this game. Script was weak completely. Screenplay had no sense. Dialogues at a couple of places were good like the one regarding 'smoking' but rest were bad including cheap
and vulgar ones which included the discussion on 'Con**ms' and u expect it to be a child entertainer with a 'U' certificate. Unwanted cameos by Sanju baba and the 'overacting' priyanka chopra. Rajini's entry was just a formality to sell the movie and create a buzz.

Infact, the kid played by armaan verma is smarter than all the people in the film and guides them what to do and how. The Game is launched but he developers have not crossed level 2- Stupid.

Finally, SRK, wonder whats the matter with you. Your intention seems to be only to beat Salman and
Aamir whereas it should be about making quality movies. You cannot make it to them so easily by making such complicated,mindless,stupid sci-fi film which was way too hard to imagine for a normal person, u expect kidz to udnerstand??? Please leave this industry coz u hail urself all the time.U are not the best!! sorry!!