3.5 Very Good

Patiala House

'Patiala House' is a Family Drama. After number of unsuccessful Comedies, I can say Akki is back.
'Patiala House' is not similar to Namastey London, Its an good family entertainer after a long time on big screen.

Movie talk about dreams, the man gattu (akki) has dream to be cricketer, but he demolished his dreams due to his bauji (rishi kapoor) who don't want that his son should play cricket under England team.

Anushka act as his shoulder, she wants that gattu fulfill his dreams and take another chance in his life for the sake of persons living in 'Patiala House'.

All persons of 'Patiala House' wants gattu to fulfill his dreams, So that they can fulfill their dreams by permission of Bauji. Gattu accepts the request of his familiars then ... Its interesting to watch these family drama.

Nikhil Advani is back after failure of 'Chandi Chowk to Chaina', Superb & Excellent Direction that touches our heart.
Music slot is average, But 'Kyun Main Jagoon' song really touches our heart & laung da lashkara makes us dance in climax of movie.

Akshay really back after number of comedies. He touched our heart in role of Gattu. his role makes us laugh and also cry. He has given justice to his role as a bowler. Anushka is really looking good and done great job as a shoulder & friend of Akshay. Rishi Kapoor has performed well as bauji, He has acted so well & definitely great job of his career.

Over all, Patiala House is a great entertainer, a good family drama after a long time. A Story of an Attacments, relationhips.

Watchable... Don't miss it.