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Inder (Kundanlal Saigal) belongs to a wealthy family consisting of his father, mother and three younger brothers, Prem, Nanhe, and Munne. He is very compassionate towards the poor, especially a widowed and blind Kelewala, ends up buying bananas from him, as well as escorting him to his shanty house where he lives with his daughter, Sakina (Baby Khurshid). His father then arranges his marriage with Roopa (Najma), and he goes to meet her but her father prevents him as this is against tradition. The marriage takes place and he finds Roopa very beautiful. Then Sakina falls ill and he brings her home much to his wife's displeasure - as she suspects he is having an affair with the woman accompanying Sakina. Roopa is abusive towards Sakina and the latter passes away, devastating Inder so much so that he becomes seriously ill and refuses to speak with Roopa, who realizes that she may have misunderstood her husband's intentions. After receiving medical advise, he accompanies his wife to a hill-station and ends up renting a bungalow from Kishan and his sister, Gopi. Roopa attempts to look after him but he rejects all attention from her and instead spends time with Gopi, but she refuses to believe that he has fallen in love with her. She will soon be compelled to review her belief when others, including Kishan, accuse her husband of having an affair with Gopi.
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