3.5 Very Good


Take It Morally, Not Mentally

I was very shocked after reading the critic reviews as I had already seen the movie. Everyone says that, "Paathshaala is boring and sleepy" but I don't think that Paathshaala is made to entertain only. I have very different view for this movie from many people. Let's just say that each person has his own views, but in my view Paathshaala Teaches us that how low our education system has gone in hunger for Money. It looks like We can't tolerate Truth, that's why Paathshaala is boring, not path-breaking. Quite everyone has pointed its low-entertainment part not its focus on our education system. Paathshaala doesn't only entertainment us partly but teaches us that many Honest and Passionate School-holders(like Nana Patekar) are leaped from doing any good to school only for the hunger of the school-trusties. Nana has said such golden words that left mark on our hearts that "Facilities nahi, Vichaaro ko Upgrade hona chahiye"

PLOT - Paathshaala takes on a institution named "Saraswati Vidya Mandir" where Principal Aditya Sahay(Nana Patekar) wants to modernize the school and so, in want of funds the school steps in the world of media. This incident affects the students very badly. Not tolerating this for any more, Rahul Prakash Udyavar(Shahid Kapur), english teacher of the school, in anticipation with all the students and teachers strike against Principal. Their aim was to know Why is Mr. Aditya doing this? What happens next? That's the golden moment of the whole movie.

ACTING - First of all, Nana Patekar was awesome as usual. The Last 10 minutes was only made for Nana Patekar to handle. Really, he brings tears in eyes. Saurabh Shukla was also good at his negative role as the manager of the school. Shahid Kapur was quite fare at his work. Kids ahave also given their best.

DIRECTION & SCREENPLAY - As a debutant, Milind Ukey has done very well but the whole regards goes to Ahmed Khan for an unique story and screenplay. It needs much courage to flash the present condition of our country's education system that how rude and selfish it has become. The dialogues thrown by Nana Patekar in the climax are just heart-touching. He says that when there is no other way, people become Teacher though teaching is a noble profession. Really, Paathshaala is more a documentary than a movie and its successful on what it tries to express.

MUSIC - None can deny that Music of This movie is bad. "Bekarar" is the most soulful track to come out in this decade. "Aye Khuda" and "Khushnuma" are also quite good.

VERDICT - Criticizing is not my hobby, its my passion & Passionately Paathshaala is a very well made movie for me. It doesn't entertain us much but teaches very well. As I Have said it should be thought morally, not mentally. My Final verdict about Paathshaala is that It's the most powerful movie ever came out in this decade.