4 Very Good

Om Shanti Om

People giving OSO 0.5, 1, or 2 rating are either NOT SRK FANS or they are SAAWARIYA LOVERS.
Om Shanti Om is an entertainer ladies and gentlemen and quiet better than the other movies that you have been witnessing this year, atleast so far. I am truly shocked at the User's reviews and their deceptive ratings. If you are looking for a cheering and enchanting experience, OSO is made for you. Understandable enough that it's a no brainer and just share class entertainment, critics and users on IndiaFm have tried their best to thrash the movie around. Why? Were they expecting too much or did they go to watch an action packed thriller? Give me a break... Relax and enjoy OSO bollywood fans. I am not a great SRK fan but the movie is quiet admirable and nevertheless fun! So may the critics be the critics and may the reality shine upon their faces -> BIGGEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR BY FACTUAL STATISTICS.... THE WORLD IS NOT AN IDIOT.