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Om Shanti Om

I wonder when will that day come when Bollywodd would stop making movies like OSO based solely on star cast and promotions.Make this movie with a guy like Aftab Shivdasani in place of SRK and this will rank among the most disappoiting movies of the year.But if SRK is there,it has to be good.

Come on India!!! For the very first time our movie industry is going through a patch where sensible movies like RDB,Chak de India,Lage raho..... etc are doing well.And all of a sudden a bizzare,completely headless movie comes and becomes a blockbuster. Grow up. People like Farah Khan make these kind of movies only because there are still many people left who like watching illogical,headless,MASALA movies. If Govinda acts in a similar movie,it is cheap and storyless but if SRK acts in a similar movie then that movie is only for ENTERTAINMENT and not to be taken seriously.
Why this injustice?????
I am waiting eagerly for The ACE KHAN of bollywood in Taare Zammen Par.It seems a very pathbreaking movie like most of the movies he has worked in past.The BAADSHAH should learn from ACE what entertainment means.An Aamir Khan movie will entertain u plus it will leav u with some questions to think about,it may change your perceptions on things around u.AAMIR KHAN always takes risks in each and every movie of his and delivers big time.He never goes to dance shows on Tv to promote his movie,he doesnt become a CRICKET LOVER suddenly just prior to a big release (SRK saw the match between India and England at Jaipur prior to release of DON and now the same happened before OSO)...I hav never seen him watching a cricket match without any reason.Aamir's movies work solely because of their content and the performances.90% of SRK's movies work because of the intense promotions.Switch on to any channel and u will see SRK promoting his movie no matter by which way.It is not wrong to promote your movie,but what i want to say is if u remove the hype and hoopla surrounding a SRK movie,then only u will come to know how the movie fares because it will be based purely on content.
Take for example Chak de India!! It was a very nice movie,no doubts about it but it wasnt promoted to the extent OSO is.And i bet OSO will do atleast 2 times the business that Chak de did.And y so,only because of promotions.Chakde....although being a very good movie did not earn as much as other SRK's hits.And this happens with each and every Aamir movie but still he delivers every time.
Aamir doesnt need a support of a gayish Karan Jauhar or Farah Khan.He doesnt need support of a Tv channel.He does it on his own.He delivers every time and leaves u wondering what to expect from his next movie.And he raises the bar everytime.