0.5 Poor

Om Shanti Om

i wonder whether to call it a movie or collection of COMEDY SCENES on STAR ONE
first of all
1)where is d script man

2)TARAN bhai on wat basis he has given it 4 star rating clearly the worst movie after AAG

3) Deepika babes stop running after CRICKETERS & GO FOR SOME ACTING TRAINING BABES
U are neither SEXY nor SENSUAL

4) instead of appearing & spending CRORES on every other channel for marketing atleast give some amount of it to the poor (POOR IN IDEAS)script writer to write a better script NEXT TIME

5)ENOUGH OF TRIBUTES TO BOLLYWOOD of 70,S & 80,S man we are sick of it Farah & srk we want to watch a movie not a tribute 2 anyone, remember even Main Hoo Naa was a tribute

6) Movie is too comic for a theme like Reincarnation, so please comedy should be a relief in a movie like item song, so that it does not overshadow d story

7) How many times will i see KIRON KHER in a mothers role man, wat was wrong with make up man he has made KIRON kher LOOK LIKE A BEGGAR

8) srks serious scenes are nothing but
OVER-ACTING, he can make u laugh all the time because even his serious scenes are poorly funny

9) u dont need 31 STARS TO MAKE A POOR FILM
IT CAN BE DONE without them (remember LOC KARGIL)

10) THE only actor in whole movie was SHREYAS TALPADE, HE LOOK BETTER as a 70,s junior artiste than as a terrible old man with a PILLOW in his stomach in the old man,s role

11) Even todays B-DRADE STARS have 6 PACK ABS
WATS SO great about it, a bit of OIL-TAN added with an empty stomach also show SIXPACK ABS
SRK has looked more like a HUNGRY BEGGAR than fit looking hero