3 Good

Om Shanti Om

OSO can be be reviewed for various reasons, which means that it had various reasons to make it worthy of reviewal. It takes a lot of thoughtfulness to create a period film. To adapt to the styles and the culture of 70s is not easy and was welldone. It was a larger than life cameo by Shahrukh Khan and it used to be a person Like Amitabh or Dharam Ji or heroes of 70s to take a film to golden jubilee on their own. Shahrukh can do it today also is a great achievement. Farah has tried to show the various aspects of our HINDI FILM INDUSTRY in a lighter manner and I have loved it all. We all knew in advance what the story of OSO was so no marks for guessing it right but still people saw glued till the end. in my show people didnt go out in the songs which makes me feel the songs were entertaining. It is a treat of Shahrukh lovers and he has not let us down. Farah has been able to balance the intricacies of REINCARNATION, so that they are believable.