0.5 Poor

Om Shanti Om

One expected Farha Khan to come up with an entertaining movie like Main Hoon Naa but OSO is not even half as entertaining as MHN was. IF Farha and SRK think that just because we Indians have festival weekend and lots of money at our disposal, they can treat us to anything trash and we will happily take it then they are taking us for granted. OSO is all hype no substance. It feels like one long spoof of the Indian film industry that stretches on and on and on till all your patience is gone. Yes it will rake in the moolah but that’s just because of the hype, huge number of prints and exaggerated Box-office reports. Also, it does not surprise me to see so many positive reviews for OSO in the media for obvious reasons.

Om Shanti Om comes across as the worst example of commercial film making. It’s loud, ludicrous, and utter nonsense. The movie turns into a yawn fest with random songs thrown in with unfunny jokes and unbelievable situations. Farha Khan, please don’t expect the audience to laugh at such ludicrous scenes like the cowboy fight sequence. The second half of the movie is a huge bore. The main flaw of OSO is that the audience can’t fathom whether the movie is a spoof or the story is genuinely serious. The audience is familiar with classic reincarnation movies like Madhumati, Karz and Kudrat. Farha Khan should have known that there are some key elements and expectations one has from a reincarnation film. For instance the death scene of the protagonist need to have a lingering and everlasting effect on the audience and the flashback scenes that showcase how the protagonist is haunted by his past memories need to have an emotional impact. And the realization moment should be perfectly timed so that the revenge drama is spine chilling. Sadly, OSO doesn’t have all these. In her attempt to show off her creative ingenuity and her obsession with spoofing, Farah Khan loses focus on the story. She aspires to pay homage to Manmohan Desai brand of cinema, and unlike MHN, where she perfectly captured the mood and feel of the era and the genre she was making, in OSO she fails simply because the characters fail to connect with the audience, which is certainly not what Manmohan Desai’s cinema was all about. MD’s films worked because he had the conviction of what he was doing whereas Farha Khan was clearly confused about what she wanted to make. Stunning visuals and spoofs cannot cover up faulty story and screenplay that is disjointed. The transition between the 70’s homage and modern day spoof simply doesn’t merge with the main plot. The love story between SRK and Deepika is not adequately established and therefore fails to strike the right chord with the audience. This made the entire revenge drama lose its impact.

As for performances SRK hams all the way. Farha Khan is so obsessed with SRK that the roles of other characters were more of a formality to give SRK maximum exposure. In spite of that even SRK failed to come up with decent performance and one felt like he was just doing the whole revenge thing just because he had been asked to do so by the director. Deepika Padukone is average. If Farha Khan wanted to have a fresh face for OSO what was the point in projecting Deepika as an Aishwarya Rai clone. Kironn Kher is absolutely irritating. Shreyas Talpade and Arjun act well but are miscast.

Due to the excessive promos of Darde Disco and Om Shanti Om song the audience was not thrilled by SRK’s six pack abs or the 31 stars in the title song. The title song was presented as the USP of the movie but what Farha Khan forgot was that in 1981 when Naseeb was released the assortment of stars in a single song was a novelty as the audience never got the chance to see all the stars on the screen as the visual media was not all that pervasive but today when the audience sees all the stars on the TV during promos, talk shows, music shows, award functions etc then why will it be thrilled to watch the stars in a single song.

Akshay Kumar’s one minute cameo is the only saving grace of the movie. He did it in just one minute what SRK couldn’t do it in 2 hours. That is, entertaining the audience. But for this cameo you don’t have to go to the theatres and waste money on OSO. Wait for the DVDs to come out.

In OSO, SRK consistently mouths the dialogue "Agar sab kuch theek nahi hua hai! To kahani abhi poori nahi hui, Picture abhi khatam nahinn huwi hai dost". After a point the audience was forced to yell “Abey picture khatam kar”. That’s sums up the fate of the movie. In the end credits, a disappointed Farha Khan makes an entry in rickshaw only to find the red carpet rolling back. This could well be the case in days to come too when the audience gives a thumbs down to the movie.

Om Shabby Om would be the perfect title for this movie