5 Excellent

Om Shanti Om

It's remarkable! These songs are so wonderful that I'm speechless! I never thought Vishal and Shekhar would come up with such a complete, versatile, and enjoyable soundtrack. All the songs boast of high quality and I'm sure the picturizations are just as good if not better. My top two favorites are Ajab Si which has become an instant hit already and Deewangi which is just so awesome! Ajabi Si is so darn melodic with superb lyrics and I loved it as soon as I saw the promo! Its treatment is so different and sung so well by KK. Deewangi...what wonderful starting music! I keep replaying it over and over. And offcourse the rest of the song just gets better. After those two I like Dard-E-Disco. I love the Persian feel to it...its so sexy haha. The song makes you want to dance too. I cant wait to see the full song onscreen. Especially with SRK's new look and those perfect six-pack abs...WOW!!! The rest of the songs are superb as well. Such a nice variety! VS definitely prove what they are capable of....anything! So far the best album of the year! LOVE IT!!