5 Excellent

Om Shanti Om

Well,I think this is the no. 1 music album of this year though the music of the movies like Guru,Hey Baby,JBJ,Salaam-e-ishq has the great quality in them.But the OSO sound tracks have that kind of quality of variety in them which makes it special,simply outstanding.It is a good example of mixturing of slow,softy and also fast,dancing sound tracks.All credits should go to Vishal-Shekhar.They have done a awesome,autuom & outstanding job.........

1.Ajab si..--->****1/2
5.Main agar kahoon..--->**********......
6.Jag soona... lage..--->*********......
7.Dhoom tana..--->****
(only original songs r rated not remixed version,but Dewangee rainbow version is superb---->*****)