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F.A. Films' OFFICER, written-directed by Naeem Sha, is a thriller.

Sagar Chauhan (Sunil Shetty) is the dynamic pack leader of the special protection unit. His duty is to provide 'Z' category security to VVIPs. In the line of duty, he escorts a targeted judge to the Sessions Court and saves him from a series of attack by Jabbar (Shahbaaz Khan) and Dhanraj's (Pramod Moutho) shooters.

One day, his close friend, Gopal Pande (Shehzad Khan), an insurance agent, requests Sagar to meet a tycoon, Pratap Rai (Danny). Pratap Rai asks the officer to keep an eye on his mentally depressed wife Meenal Rai (Raveena Tandon).

After losing her father in an accident, Meenal had lost interest in life. She had even attempted to kill herself. This had compelled Pratap Rai to keep her confined to the four walls of their estate. Sagar Chauhan refuses to accept the responsibility but finally, at the insistence of his friend, he reluctantly agrees.

Sagar secretly shadows Meenal and even rescues her from committing suicide. Two strangers become friends. Meenal develops a strong liking for the officer. She discovers a sensitive and a caring person under a tough exterior.

Meenal's fondness for Sagar develops in love. Sagar is shocked when she proposes to him. He is unable to take a decision. This triggers the psychic streak in Meenal. Heartbroken and depressed, she eventually commits suicide.

Meenal's death shatters the officer. Lobo Fernandes (Sadashiv Amrapurkar), a retired constable who has looked after Sagar, forces him to accompany him to his hometown, Goa. Here, Sagar meets another girl who is an exact lookalike of Meenal -- Pari (Raveena Tandon). Sagar is sure that she is Meenal, but Pari proves her identity.

Sagar takes her to Pratap Rai, who is sure that she is his wife. He even points out certain facts, which indicate that the girl is indeed his wife. The mystery becomes more intriguing as the officer gets embroiled in the investigation.

How does Sagar Chauhan solve the mystery?

OFFICER has an attention-grabbing plot, but writer-director Naeem Sha's handling of the screenplay lacks the finesse that a theme like this demanded. The narrative had scope for several engaging moments, but what starts off well, culminates into a routine entertainer.

But it would be wrong to blame the director completely, for the time the film took to make is evident throughout the narrative. That is one valid rationale why the drama does not electrify at all, for it bears a stale look at places.

The film gathers momentum towards the second half, but the murders that follow and the unnecessary usage of action dilutes the impact considerably. Moreover, keeping in mind Sunil Shetty's action image, the screenplay tilts towards blood and gore, which should have been curtailed. Even the climax is bland.

Moreover, the film lacks a good musical score and barring the 'Pari' number, none of the songs are worth humming. To add to the woes, the songs haven't been publicised well. Cinematography is adequate.

Sunil Shetty seems to be specialising in roles that are run-of-the-mill types. Raveena Tandon gives a decent account of herself. Danny Denzongpa is better of the lot. Sadashiv Amrapurkar is loud.

On the whole, OFFICER is an oft-repeated saga that does not hold any promise. Its dull opening will further mar its prospects.

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i like this movie Once again Sunil Shetty is superbe & Raveena too good

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