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No Smoking

This movie leaves you in a complete schizophrenic state and has nothing to enlighten regarding the disasters of smoking.The director 'Anurag Kashyap' was obnoxious and had no candid view of the script which was beyond the thinking of common audience.The movie had no flow and the audience had lost their way thinking about the bizarre story which was leading to nothing.Ranvir Shorey and Paresh Rawal were underutilized and the reel drama had no real essence in it.The director tried to break the conventional norm of Indian cinema by introducing the concept of ablution of soul and its disjunction with the homo sapien but landed up in a perplexing thought.It also holds a wrong notion about the rehabilitation centers which were projected in a violent and demoniac way.This would be the first movie that most of the intelligent and experienced Indian critics could not understand.On the whole the movie lead to a complete disaster at the box office and an utter failure of the year 2007.