5 Excellent

New York

Never before has a movie compelled me to come back home and let the world know what a treat I had just had. Taare Zameen Par was one such movie but then I saw it very late. Several others had already done the job that I am now doing for New York. And in a way I feel lucky to write the first review on bollywood hungama. New York is one such movie you can proudly say that you watched first day first show!

Do yourself a favor - go watch New York. It is not just a movie - its a thought. A sincere thought. I marvel the actors and the whole team on putting together such a masterpiece. We always thought Katrina can't act - go watch New York. We thought John still needs some crash course in handling emotional scenes - go watch New York. Is neil the most promising new comer? Go watch New York. The last narrative write-up had audience clapping. You feel this is so real. Its a story of our times. Of our world. In short its awesome! Go watch New York.