2.5 Good


You don't get to come across a tagline like ''most shocking thriller of the year'' every week. So when such a movie releases, you cannot but go and watch the movie with high expectations. In addition, when Abbas-Mustan; the No 1 director duo; the Gods of thrillers are directing the film, the expections cannot but reach the maximum level. Baazigar, Humraaz, Aitraaz, Khiladi are just breath-taking examples of the duo's terrific talent. Yes, they both did came up with a rather disappointing fare for thriller-lovers with 36 China Town which was more of a comedy, but, the latter was never promoted as being a 'thriller'. Its purpose was to entertain the viewers and I must say, going by BO, it managed its task. However, as for Naqaab, the fact that it has been promoted as one of the best thrillers does play against it.

The movie is by NO means exceptional or even 'shocking'. In fact, I believe the one who suggested that tagline should go and have a look at the dictionary for the true meaning of 'shocking'. I am NOT saying the movie is bad, predictable or unwatchable . It does have its moments and does have some 'hair-raising' or completely unexpected twists and turns (climax). Still, the movie is far..farr from being classified as one of the better work of the duo.. Its overall an average to decent fare.

[B]Story wise[/B], Karan (Bobby Deol) is a rich millionaire. He falls in love with a girl named Sophia (Urvashi) who is poor and works in Burger Palace. (God knows how?) ,they live together in a immense house. They both love each other and finally Karan proposes Sophia. She says yes and throws an engagement party to celebrate. This is where the whole 'thing' begins. She sees a guy called Vicky (Akshaye) and tada..they start loving each other. The latter is however working for a guy known as ''Rohit''..Okay okay..I better stop here...As from there, the mystery begins...deepens...and deepens...For those who want to know more, PM me..:)

It IS a fine story. I just read that it was completely copied from an American film though. :blink: Uggh...I cant even say it was original now :banghead: Thats really bad. Moving on... Good concept, especially for the twists and turns.

[B]Opening credits [/B] was really good in the beginning. I liked the way they showed pics of Urvashi and videos of her. I thought it was a good idea. I mean, it was as if she was truly being introduced. HOWEVER, it DID start to become annoying after a while. She was jumping here, and then there, and then back here..and then playing with water..and then making some weird expression..All these surely irritated the hell ouf of me. My Mother was like.. ''Okay ENOUGH now..''. That definitely does some up my reaction.

[B]First half[/B] was...blah...pretty average... I was EXTREMELY disappointed. Apart from the background score and i1-2 scenes, there was NOTHING 'thrilling'... Light, unecessary and loud moments were galore though. -_- Some scenes were enjoyable but I feel it was really not needed to include them. Come on..It IS a THRILLER. [B]Honestly speaking, the actual thriller starts in the second half.[/B] -which speaks a lot.

[B]Second half[/B] was much...much better. Although it did drag and suck in the fiirst 10-15 minutes, the series of events that unfold all at a time is hair-raising and gripping as well.

[COLOR=red][B]Spoiler Alert![/B][/COLOR]

In fact, the whole movie picks up once Sophia says ''No..I don't'' in the church. The way she runs and Bobby's expression was just mouah. The song which follows was really uneeded but well...actually it WAS needed. :p You'll understand once you watch the film. :p

[COLOR=red][B]End of Spoiler:[/B][/COLOR]

The movie takes a U-turn from there on. It becomes so engrossing that immediately you start developing a sort of fondness for the movie. IT would not be wrong to say that what makes the movie watchable is this second part.

[COLOR=red][B]Spoiler Alert![/B][/COLOR]

The Reality-show was completely unexpected. It was a little confusing at first but as you go on, all the 'raaz''es unfold.. :D Also, you'd never guess that Karan hi Rohit hai. Although I knew Bobby had some thing to do with the plot, I never ever expected him to be Rohit Shroff. That did come as a surprise. Also, the two producers did surprise me.. What happens three months later is also worth mentionning. Just when you thought the movie was over comes another surprise... who's the killer?...The identity of the killer is well hidden till the end..The way everything is shown in the end will surely allow the audience to leave the hall with a satisfied expression.

[COLOR=red][B]End of Spoiler[/B][/COLOR]

[U][B]Music [/B][/U] was just about decent. Ek din and Ae Dil are fabulous tracks but sadly, they dont have much importance in the film. I cant even remember the other songs... :unsure: :P :P

Technical effects were superb! Two thumbs up!! Visuals were awesome.Dubai looked like Paradise... :wub:


The film belonged to all three... I dont think it will be fair to point out someone again..

[COLOR=red][B]May contain spoilers.. read at own risk...[/B][/COLOR]

[U]Bobby [/U] gott the poorest role in the whole film in the first half. His role was so..soo..stupid. Thank Godm he had some errm... 'meaty' scenes in the secong half. His acting was flawless in the following scenes:

-When Sophia says NO to him
-When Sophia comes to apologise
-The self-shootinh scene
-when he reveals the whole plot to Sohia and Vicky... outstanding!

Overall, I feel that Bobby gave a good performance.

[U]Akshaye[/U] was as usual good. Nothing to rave about though.

[U]Urvashi[/U] I'm confused... :unsure: At times she looked absolutely ravishing and at times she looked atrocious.. Perhaps the word is a little too harsh but she did really look old and bad at times. Also I HATE her voice.. Its so high pitched.. :unsure: Acting wise, she's definitely a promising star. She had a dream start and I'm sure the offers are already pouring in. ^_^ She shone is several scenes and I'm too tired to point them out. I think she was fabulous. Go Urvashi Go...! :)

The others were decent... The two producers were flawless... :lol:

The movie does have MANY loopholes though...In fact, they are so obvious that one feels like asking the directors how they could allow such an 'unpolished' film release like that... Still...The movie remains a watchable fare.

On the whole, dont expect a Baazigar, Khiladi, Humraaz... Compared to these thrillers, Naqaab is nowhere... In fact, even compared to a comic-thriller like 36 China Town, the latter is way better than this one. Naqaab rests mainly on its second half. Its a stricly watchable to decent fare. You can definitely catch it on DVD. Box Office wise, the movie may do well in multiplexes in the first weekend but I feel collections wont be steady. At best, I believe it will do avreage business.

Rating: Still undecided.... I'm currently changing my other ratings and so it will depend....

Maybe a 6 or 6.5.

Comment: Disappointing but watchable!