4.5 Excellent



Really good! Sunny Deol is back in form after a long long time! He is exceptianal and after seeing him in a full movie I must say that all these years ive missed him alot! Good to see him back!

The movies plot is really good, and i credit indiafm for picking out a good movie which hasnt really been attempted in india before. The story is different which is one reason it may not be appreciated by all.
It may be similar to other movies, but who cares even Krrish was like superman/batman etc.. A good film is a good film and no one in india has seen a movie like indiana jones before (AKA Treasure hunting adventure). I urge more movies to be made like this on a grander scale.
Songs as everyone knows allready are mesmarising! I love each and every one. By far the most peppiest and fun album of the year!

ITs a MUST SEE MOVIE! Dont miss it for anything (not even munnabhai which was superb!).