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Never judge a book by its cover .The statement suits NAKSHA to the T .Expecting some midblowing adventure i went to watch this disaster on FDFS but alas the film gave a solid headache at the end of show...here is my review

Mythology meets MOdern world in Naksha abd surely this subject hasn't been tackled on Hindi screen before.

In that respect, NAKSHA makes an attempt to be original. But, sometimes, a good story can go astray thanks to inept writing and slipshod execution. That's precisely the case with Naksha.Film has interesting plot, without doubt!

Naksha starts like a dream with the voice of Anil Kapoor giving it that extra sheen .The murder of Vivek's father from the cliff at the beginning is thrilling .

But the story actually takes off when Sunny saves Vivek . Thereafter, the narrative slowly and steadily takes control of the viewer and by the time it reaches the intermission, you excitedly look forward to the post-interval portions of the enterprise.

Fortunately, the second half doesn't disappoint. For the next 25 minutes, layer after layer of this complex story is uncovered.Infact the animation sequence here is terrific. Special mention must be made of rafting sequence which is hair raising .

But the moment Jackie reaches Ganesh Himalayan film looses its grip and execution is so slapdash it looks absolutely asinine.Even the way the Jackie is killed looks plain ridiculous!

Sachin has made a stylish film, no two opinions on that,but but what if the pudding itself is tasteless ?

Sunny enacts his part with conviction.Vivek plays to the gallery most of the times. Sameera is functional. Jackie is excellent

All up NAKSHA is body beautiful minus soul. At the box-office its a sure shot disaster .