1.5 Average

My Name Is Khan

This movie doesn't live up to the hype. This movies lacks direction and is around a topic which is way old.The 9/11 tragedy happend in 2001,the movie shows incidents which happened in Nov-2007.We all know,who live here in USA that those incidents continued to happen for around 2-3 yrs after 2001,but anyway. Moreover,there are some very stupid and baseless stuff like there is no one to arrive at the storm-hit town in Georgia but our hero arrives there without any problems. The tv crew also finds a way to telecast live from there but the tv newschannel says that because army is busy in Iraq,govt has no resources to help out..what a bummer. Right from the beginning to the end,the movie is full of baseless assumptions like:
1)how can Shahrukh's brother get US citizenship so fast,it takes anywhere close to min of 10 yrs to get there
2)why Shahrukh's mother is so ignorant abt the normal kid when she is so understanding abt Shahrukh's situation.
3) Why does Shahrukh never makes any eye contact with the person he is talking, he has asperger's syndrome but he is intelligent enough to understand that basic communication rule.