0.5 Poor

This film reminds me of the tales that suggest how producers interfere with the director's and writer's work to make sure that their films have all the right ingredients of a masala film. If that is not the case, I think the writer and the director will find this film as a learning experience. Nothing more, definitely not something to be proud of. What they can probably exclaim about is only : Honey, I made a film!

To my mind, a very strong subject was picked up in the middle of the story, and a mockery of the same was seen - the loose way it was handled.

The story line has already been discussed, however an attempt at the perception of the film maker for this movie is as follows:

The middle class is caught in an unescapable circle. What they believe and is just, is not what they can stand by with, if they want to make a decent life for themselves. Some of them have ideas to bring about a change in the society but they need a miracle to survive till then. Some of them, believe in themselves and loose the very few friends who were with them in better times. After all, Money hai, To honey hai!(And the title is repeated a few times -probably to justify it). If these few idealistic middle class dreamers would have it, they would bring about a change in the system.

What will happen, if 6 of such mavericks (mavericks - at least for the existing system) get together and also have a fortune! A lot of money at their disposal! They would make their dreams come true and also fight the fight of the common man.

And before I forget, the title is Oh so good, and Oh so misplaced. Such a waste!