5 Excellent

Mission Istaanbul

There is one thing a person should appreciate and that is endeavour. Vivek Oberoi is a person who is making this since his Company days. Zayed Khan doesn't even bother to do this. Whether Zayed is in a mythological film or in a science fiction or in an action saga like this he feels that he is playing the role of a college student, who unfortunately doesn't attend classes but only gorges on the food of the canteen. Vivek Oberoi always feels that whatever movie he is acting in is the best movie in the whole world. Unfortunately these both stallwarts of the industry are insensitive to the reactions of audience, who have turned them down several times. So I salute their spirit of trying and trying again, of course, in every instance with somebody else's money. The female leads of the film are passe.They don't make any kind of significant contributions in the film so better not talk about them. Niketan Dheer could have actually followed his father's footsteps and grabbed a role in the recent Mahabharat, but he chose to go for a sightseeing to Turkey.

The best thing is terrorism is shown to be perpetrated in Turkey, which is supposed to be least bothered or concerned with terrorism. The facts are not clear and even importantly a thing to notice is actually the director goes about justifying his fancies as if they were factual.