3.5 Very Good

Manjhi The Mountain Man

I loved the film for its social value. it truly documented the times it represents. Highly motivating and cleverly incorporating the new techniques to make it more interesting. How many of this generation know about the 'untouchable' concept and the atrocities did in that name? How socially insensitive we Indians are? blood relatives, friends, a whole village, state, officials, politicians, mainstream media - all ignored the story for about 2 decades! we are tuned to live with double standards, a strong legislation and poor implementation. No wonder Manjhi chose to fight with an lifeless Mountain ignoring living rock like rocks living around him. He even talks to it many times. It is a message oriented film that also appeals to masses. This is one aspect -social - of what I feel about the film. A must watch for many reasons. Don't depend on the God, just GO AND WATCH.