4 Very Good

Love Story 2050

I want to make some points clear about the movie,

1. The movie isnt bad to watch, at some times you may find it slow, but which movie isnt today.
2. Acting of Harman is the plus point,I mean its his first movie and he has done commendable job.
3.His dancing skills are better than most of the so called dancers today.
4.The costumes, setups and ideas for scifi are different.

I have seen people criticising the movie and going gaga over Jane tu Ya Jane Na, I mean its like comparing apples and oranges.

Any newcomer can be launched with a college story as its a best gamble, unlike Hrithik and Abhishek who were launched unconventionally and so has been Harman.

I am neither a fan nor a friend of Harman or any of the stars and havent been paid to write this stuff but giving a personal opinion.

Enjoy the movie like any other Star Wars or Hollywood movie which can be quite a drag in some places but we still praise them.

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