5 Excellent

The best musical movie tell yet ….with fabulous performance by Salman and ajay

Guys I came yet from the theatre I were with my family ...guys guys guys. the movie is out of control truly they made it perfect. I didn’t expected that Vipul can made movie 10 % like this...I saw sign is king and the story of that movie is truly awful just the music and the performance by akshay and some beautiful Chorographic scenes ..

But in London Dreams…its different the story is so powerful to watch for and to feel with.

The songs touch your heart. From pop to jazz to Punjab to romantic to joyful once they used.

The performance by both Salman and Ajay is truly brilliant and will make you cry so many times in the movie and will let you feel with Manuu (Salman) the pains and with ajay the jealousy .

The Chorographic of the whole movie is just magnificent. I adore it I swear it’s the best Salman’s pasteurization movie till date. Super amazing.

To be honest I loved both Salman and Ajay first time I loved Ajay and truly he look super with fabulous performance.so jealousy but will make you cry .

But Salman is out of this world. The magic of his look to his beautiful innocent personality. Fun ,love, romance is his passion ..he is truly elegant ..talent but don’t want to use them all in all because he love the world he is in…no dream for himself..he made me cry truly not once not 2 times but 10 to 12 times i swear guys..ESP in the end......my heart broken for him..my jaan Mannu

I can’t explain more guys…I don’t want to ruin on you

I will give my final rates for everyone who made this beautiful movie

First and who deserve it

Vipul Shah…..10/ 10
Salman ….100 / 10
Ajay …….10 / 10
Asin……. 9/10
The both brothers ( the team guys ) 7 / 10
Music of the movie is the soul of it…..100 / 10
Chorographic is brilliant…10 / 10
Storyline….. 10 / 10

in the whole
4.5 / 5

I Adore London dreams and one word just
can be justice for it Magnificent