5 Excellent

LONDON DREAMS: MOVIE REVIEWFirst things first. London Dreams is no Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, neither its sequel nor it is Rock On. London Dreams is loosely inpired by Amadeus - the movie on Europe's great musicians and composers of all time Mozart and Beethoven and Rajkumar Santoshi were to film on Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan once a decade back.London Dreams is the story of two childhood friends from Punjab, India. It is the story about one friend who dreams to be a pop star like Michael Jackon by making it big at the Wembley Stadium, London and other friend who considers his friend to be God and supports his dream in every sense. London Dreams is about the jealousy between gifted talent and hard earned talent for music and love. It is just coincident that London Dreams also has love factor in the story alike Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam but no in the pivotal role of the subject. Music is the subject and so goes on the story. But unfortunately songs are average kind in the movie.London Dreams is a story of one destined and god-gifted talent, Manjit Khosla a.k.a. Manu (Salman Khan) and hard working musician with passion for music and dream to make it big especially at Wembley and the Lead Singer of London Dreams Band. Arjun (Ajay Devgan) and their friendship and struggle and win back the lost pride of the family and the victory at one may say Mecca of Music audience, the Wembley at London. London Dreams is the first Indian movie or movie by any Indian Filmmaker where in London is depicted so lively and so beautiful and so picturesque, so is piqturised Eiffel Tower of Paris in background when Salman proposes Asin. Thank God, London Dreams does not have the Yash Chopra Lobby style of Punjab. It would be outright incorrect to mention here any thing about the role depiction of Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan intentionally, because London Dreams is truly the first Blockbuster hit of 2009. About Asin, she reminds of typical south indian herione casted in a Hindi movie of 60s and 80s - a typical show piece and nothing do much about one thumka idhar and other thumka udhar and in the end go with the hero for an happy ending. But only new thing is Asin looks cute despite of her small role. But the plus point this is for the first time any south Indian heroine looking so cute in an Hindi movie. Music of the film barring a couple of songs is not hummable but easily gels with the theme in the movie. Screenplay is gripping and does not allow one to move out even during the songs. Cinematography by Sejal Shah is A class. Editing by Amitabh Shukla is par excellence especially the playing with the screen time and increasing it and making it gripping. Overall, London Dreams is the first movie in many months that lures one to go and watch it again and again in cinema halls for its sheer magnum opus quality maintained by the filmmaker, Vipul A. Shah. Do not get surprised if London Dreams sweeps away most of the awards in all awards functions.Ratings 4/5 stars.- Prasad Satkalmi