3 Good

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag

Bit disappointing movie ! After the fablous Parineeta I expected much more from Pradeep Sarkar but something is missing this time .Especially the climax which runs down the impact of film considerably ..In fact it would not be erroneous to state that climax looks a total photo copy of Baabul ...Seriosly they should have opted for an unconventional ending .Other than that its a watchable movie with several engaging moment .

The first half is superb and makes you moist with the viewers being hooked to the proceeding .The natural life stlye of Banaras is depicted tremendously .The going on gets intresting with Rani leaving for Mumbai ..The scene that follows are terrific!! The intermission point raises the expectation for better second half ..

Alas the film gets little weak in this half ...THe Abhishek-Rani track looks totally forced ..Ditto for the romance between Konkana-Kunal which is anything but exciting ..Things get better towards the preclimax with one sister knowing the identity of other and the scene that follows on the river bank is easily one of the best scene of the yea ..BUt things start to get shaky from this point ..PLus the climax is not that impactful as one would have expected them to be ..It is way too cliched ! Why opt for such a cliched end when YRF had the courage to swim against the tide with the subject ...

Performances are good ..Rani does well ...But the problem is no matter what she does ,she still looks the same .She needs a make over fast! Konkana is terrific ..Ditto for Anupam KHer.Abhishek leaves a long lasting impact whenver he appears on the screen .in fact his each entry was greeted with seeti and taali.Kunal is okay ..

Overall watchable film ..3/5..