4 Very Good


When I first saw the preview of Kites, I thought ok they are trying to present this film as an international film just because there is a Spanish actor as the lead, but I was wrong. Kites is an international film because its story is about love and love is universal. This story is one where anyone can feel a connection. It is definite worth a watch in the theater. Kites has a lot to offer and one should go in with an open mind, so that you can feel the emotions and feelings that are being presented to you. Hrithik Roshan was magnificent. After two years we finally get to see him back on the big screen and let me tell you he doesn’t let down. He has grown so much since his first film, and he has carved his name into the industry and into our hearts. He really is one of the best actors to come out of the industry and it is a joy to see him become the person he has wanted to be: HIMSELF. Barbara Mori, I thought was great. Many people probably think well she is not speaking Hindi, but let me tell you she does not let down and stands her ground well. This film was about feelings, emotions, and love, and needed great acting and there was great acting from its leading actor and actor. I loved the unique pairing and think Bollywood needs to do more of that. Yes, I love the traditional pairs every couple of years, but not every film. The industry needs to be fresh and needs to keep developing new ideas. Some pairs will work and some will not, but what is life without some risks? The only complaint I have is why what Kangna Ranaut doing in this film? I saw her for what seemed like 2 minutes. Come one, she is not just a pretty face and at such a young age, she has made a mark in this industry: she is a great actor. She was wasted and not needed in this film, though the table scene where she is staring at her food was like YES there is the Kangna we all love, but then that lasted for like 30 seconds. What I do hope is to see Hrithik and Kangna paired opposite in the future in an entire film. There is definitely something to work with there. I really did not feel the movie was boring. It was refreshing and the music paired very well with the film. Kites works and people should not go into the film expecting a typical Hindi romance because it is not one. Kites is unique and will appeal to all individuals because you leave the film feeling for the characters. You laugh when they laugh and you cry when they cry. Kites touches you. I think it is a must watch. I have been saying for a long time that I wanted to see the industry do unique and different things and Kites offered me something different and unique, so I took a chance, despite overall negative reviews, and I am glad I listened to myself. I love this industry and will always support it. (Kites has been receiving positive feedback in the U.S. It has been feature on the Today Show (5/28/10).)