4 Very Good

Karthik Calling Karthik

KCK is a really a good attempt and it is worth-watch movie. the story line was so interesting that a man get calls from himself.. such a nice and tremendous thought.and it's been executed also well. One thing that FARHAN AKTHAR whether as an actor or director or producer, he wioll create magic. Farhan acted very well in this.Vijay Lalwani had made the movie so interesting up to the end. He Proved him as good story and screrenplay writer and his dialogues are also so classy. Music BY S_E_L was great and picturization of songs was also good by Senu verghese.Background score by midilval punditz had made the movie thrilling. last but not least DEEPIKA was so beautiful and her chemistry with farhan really rockzz.. allover the film is a real worth-watch and technically well made film.