4 Very Good

Karthik Calling Karthik

Again Taran Flops by calling it a decent movie and giving it 2.5 (remember MINK got 4.5 he he .... SRK and Karan's chamcha Mr Adarsh..dont know may even have been bribed heavily). I cannot remember a sequence where I was bored in the movie. The pace of the movie was awesome. Except for one or two dull songs towards the end it was just rocking. You know for sure thru out the movie that Kartick has some phsycological disorder but the "actual calls coming" sequences are just mind blowing and seriously confuses and amazes you. You keep guessing different plots after that and at the end you are surprised with the actual mystery. Ending in no way was a let down as told my Mr Adarsh. I totally agree with Amit in his review below. Yeah Deepika may be bit of let down but that doesnot impact much.