1 Poor

Theme was enough good, illegal immigration is a very strong issue. But the script, direction and even the execution is all out of the place. Forcibly putting the songs in the movie was the main drop-down point for the movie.

Secondly the movie doesn't go in one single direction, director Amitoj Maan was wishing to cover each and every plot, and is very good to handle out such issues, but to be realistic; he was a way head from his main issue. Unnecessary journey from one country to another was like a childish play. The very harsh and heartless sequences for Pakistani agents were even not goes in the favor of this movie.

Music was an average to above average. The Songs HUMRAKS and SANDESA were good enough. Remaining all is just time pass.

Performance wise, Sunny Deol was good enough but not that much, as much as he should be. First of all a very wrong choice of movie, so of course what we can expect from actors who doesn’t know what to choose and what to not. Sana Nawaz was fairly good. She felt her presence in the movie. Amitoj Maan (AMAN) was the most wastage actor in the movie, doesn’t know acting and getting more of the presences in the movie without any genuine issue. He should learn acting skills and even direction.

On the whole, it’s not that much good as someone expect to be. For me it’s totally failure. Not recommended for anyone.