0.5 Poor

I have to agree with Taran Adarsh Illegal immigration/human trafficking is a global issue.
However week story lines with even more toddler directions is a domestic problem
How many times have I said to my self what a waste of an idea that could have been …
The movie is typical of current bollywood trend i.e. Throw what ever and you can at the public and hope some thing sticks!!!
The industry has to understand that unlike, the village communities’ practice of utilizing cow dung by sticking and drying it on walls. The general movie watching public has no appropriate use of the shit the film makers recently. On top of that the abundance of the garbage being flung around just to cash in on the pak hind friendship wagon in reality is quite cheap!
The movie does have its moments which I will go into later however the story line could have been much more better (sigh)