4.5 Excellent

Jodhaa Akbar

I completely disagree with Jogindar & Taran.
Jodhaa Akbar music is very good. I really
enjoyed every track. "Jashn-e-Baaraa" Is full
of melody. Javed Akhtar lyrics is brillant, &
Javed Ali did a good job with his vocals. What
can I say about A.R. Rehman, he is a genius.
He did work hard in trying to keep the compostions
to fit the 16th century. The songs have to appeal
to today time. When Mugal-E-AZAM was made, I'm
pretty sure Nausad had to do the same thing to make those classic songs of his w/Lata to fit that time. Anyway Jodhha Akbar doesn't Dissapoint.