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Music of certain films goes totally unnoticed if they don't quite boast of a known cast or a banner. Moreover, due to these very reasons, they lose out on promotion too. However Jo Hum Chahein, despite its all new cast and crew, still manages to find some eyeballs for itself due to the way it is finding at least some vigour in its promotion. With Sachin Gupta as a composer (who has to his credit a good score in Prince amongst a few other albums) and Kumaar as the lyricist, who is fast becoming quite popular on the Bollywood musical scene, one does get excited to check out what exactly does Jo Hum Chahein have to offer.


Jo Hum Chahein gets a vibrant beginning for itself with the musical team exploring a party scene with 'Aaj Bhi Party'. A high-on-energy track which picks up from where 'Pappu Can't Dance Saala' [Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa], 'Chaar Baj Gaye' [F.A.L.T.U. ] and 'Music Band Na Karo' [Hum Tum Shabana] left, 'Aaj Bhi Party' keeps the tempo on and creates it's own space instead of following a heard-before route. Suraj Jagan leaves aside his rockstar hat and gets into the party groove, just like K.K. and Shaan would have done in this space. An out and out fun number with an extremely catchy rhythm to it, 'Aaj Bhi Party' is a winner.

Next to arrive is a love song that has a lounge beginning to it with Shreya Ghoshal as well as K.K. going low key for 'Ishq Hothon Se'. However 60 seconds into the song and things take a turn with the song taking a listener to quintessential 'pyaar mohabbat' zone. A safe song by all means with the kind of melody that would have been picked up by the likes of Chopras and Johars of the world, 'Ishq Hothon Se' further makes an impression due to the kind of picturisation that a viewer can well expect for a song like this. Yet another pleasant number that keeps one interested in rest of the album.

The way Monali Thakur begins 'Peepni', you are immediately connected to the kind of sound that Sachin Gupta had created for Prince. After the initial set up created by Mahi Maninder Singh with his Punjabi vocals, the song takes a Hinglish route with a youthful lingo peppered all over it. With Jaspreet Singh coming behind the mike along with Monali to bring back the kind of party mood that had been set earlier with 'Aaj Bhi Party', 'Peepni' makes one look forward to how the youngsters have actually come together to create the kind of visuals that would further make the song enticing enough.

Sasha Tirupati's start for 'Abhi Abhi' also has a trademark Sachin Gupta feel to it and that is pretty much a compliment for the young musician who is clearly making a mark for himself in quick time. Further impact is created once K.K. gets on the scene and creates just the right kind of pathos that compliments Kumaar's pensive lyrics. A song about broken hearts and the pain that follows, 'Abhi Abhi' has a sad feel to it but thankfully doesn't turn into a drag. A decent situational tune that should add on to the film's narrative.

Last to arrive is a fun number that has the kind of 'desi' tune that one associates with Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. In fact as one continues to hear 'One More One More' repeatedly, there is also a touch of Vishal-Shekhar's 'Desi Girl' [Dostana] which further seals the argument that this one was meant to be played safe and fall into a commercial bracket. Yet another enjoyable number that does well till it lasts, 'One More One More' may not have a long shelf life but does add on to the rest of the album that manages to stand on its own.


Jo Hum Chahein is a good soundtrack and all it needs from this point on is further push in its promotion that should add on to its visibility. Since the soundtrack doesn't come with any known names, its reach amongst the audience would be entirely dependent upon good word of mouth. That is feasible though considering the fact that the film is still a month away and hence the makers have good enough time to create a place for this album.


Aaj Bhi Party, Ishq Hothon Se, Peepni

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