0.5 Poor


I was looking forward to watching Jimmy, but since it was not showing in any Cinema in London. I had no other option but to watch it on DVD piracy, which ain't too bad. Let me Firstly say the movie had a horrible script and the dialogue and screenplay was so old fashion. This movie will not appeal to anybody of tis generation, this is something Mimoh should of understood. The Actress in this film is there to help launch Mimoh. All eyes are on Mimoh in this film. He is a fantastic Dancer, but his acting needs a little improving. I am sure that he can mature in the near future, but he will have to lose weight and have a new hairstyle. Mimoh was worth watching but this movie is poor. Good luck to Mimoh in the future and just wanna say Mithun (of 80s) is a class act of Bollywood.