1.5 Average


Sahara and K Sera Sera's James is a tale of guns and roses, with the balance being heavier on the ammunition front. Mohit Ahlawat plays a judo-karate expert who takes up a job as a bouncer in a night club after arriving in Mumbai from Goa.

A regular at the club is Nisha Kothari, a model. One night Ahlawat is forced to flex his muscles at a drunken goon, Shereveer Vakil as he harasses atta girl, Nisha Kothari. But the drunk goon is none other than the younger brother of Zakir Hussain, a don turned politician. The brave bouncer is locked behind the bars, but Zakir is out to settle the score and asks the police to kill him in a fake encounter. Mohit manages to escape and he and Nisha are on the run. The second half of the movie revolves around the indisputable chase and bloodshed.

With good production values and commendable cinematography, Amar Mohile's background score adds to the pace of the movie. Though there are no hit numbers, the music is mellow, with an old fashioned touch to it.

A good start and the portrayal of the police openly supporting the gangster looks innovative, but is not done very convincingly. The chase sequence is overdone, but a good climax helps lift the movie. Performance-wise, debutant Mohit Ahlawat has screen presence and shows promise. Nisha Kothari has the makes of going places and comes across as gullible yet glamorous. But as a director, debutant Rohit Jugraj leaves much to be desired.