4.5 Excellent

Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na

Incredible Music by and Incredible Composer.

The music, altoghether, has a certain vibe attached to it that truly seems to express the mood of the movie. Most of it is light, easy-going, and very enjoyable.

All the songs, especially nazrein milaana and kabhi kabhi aditi transpose the friendly humorous atmosphere of the movie through the music. Although Tu Bole Main Boloon is a slightly out of place track that probably won't emerge, the rest of the songs make up for it.

Pappu can't dance is a full out dance number that you'll definitely be humming later. After a first listen, you'll probably be taken aback by the awkward and not-so-well thought out lyrics, but after you get over that, it truly is a "rocking" song.