2.5 Good

Jaan-e-Maan is definitely not my Jaan-e-Man, especially after taking a look at the movie. The story was a typical Indian Cliché, a simple love triangle ending up with a sacrifice and the usual drama of "I broke up with her, but because of so and so I want to start again," The story of course would've been loved by everyone as each director interprets the drama in a different way, Shirish Kunder took "DIFFERENT" to a whole new level, and what a bad level it was. The constant over-dose of music makes the movie look and sound like a theatre-play rather than a film to be shown in the cinema. Akshay's performance is awesome as well as Preity's but Salman's tuxedo act was just a simple thumbs down. The only funny part of the movie were the college times and Akshay's occasional snorting rounds of laughter.Anupam Kher's "Dwarfness" has no motive and you can clearly tell Anupam is moving about on his knees.Other than that, no amusement is expected from this movie. Some of the comedy is actually pretty lame, observe:

Salman: I'm a homosexual
Akshay: I'm a homosexual
(Preity's face drops)
Salman: Do not say that, Heterosexual!

Anything deeply amusing about that? No i do not think so. The direction, the theatre-play look and Salman's performance does not give Jaan-e-Maan any mercy, however flashy sets and locals, cinematography and broadway style music gives the film some form entertainment. Overall, Jaan-e-Maan lacks depth in dramatic areas, fails to make the audience laugh when intended to and the theatre-play direction look is more or less a joke. However, Excellent performances by two of the actors, flashy locals, great cinematography and amazing broadway style music, contribute to the movie, classifying the movie as mediocre.