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There is a certain quality of music that one expects from the soundtrack of a film comes from the house of Rajshri. However, one is still apprehensive about what Isi Life Mein has to offer due to multiple reasons. First and foremost the film is not directed by Sooraj Barjatya himself. Secondly, the film stars absolute newcomers as a lead pair. Thirdly, the music is composed by Meet ros. and Anjjan who don't quite have a body of work to boast of. Though there are half a dozen odd songs (all written by Manoj Muntashir) in the album, one still plays it on just with the hope of being pleasantly surprised.


A Hinglish track, 'Isi Umar Hai' has Mohit Chauhan taking lead as a singer. In the process, he makes the song pretty much his own as there is not much distinction that one sees between this rendition of this and a dozen odd other songs that he has sung for Bollywood flicks in the past. However, the song (which has Shreya Ghoshal entering the scene pretty late in the day) isn't what one terms as a cracker of a start as it's laidback pace coupled with some average lyrics (references to Facebook, Twitter, Orkut don't quite make it cool) end up making it barely passable.

If it is a Barjatya outing, it is hard to ignore references to Ramji. This is what happens in Isi Life Mein as well where a song by the title of 'Ramji 24X7' comes in next. Kavita Seth kick starts this fun track along with Shreya Ghoshal and aim at complimenting its rhythmic setting. Singing praises around Lord Rama and how He looks after you 24X7, the song tries to reach out to youth. However, one would wait to see how this song (which has Debojit Saha entering the scene a while later) is picturised since that would make all the difference to it's eventual popularity.

'LOL - Live out Loud' is the theme of Isi Life Mein and hence it was inevitable that a song by that name also appears in the album. A rock track that tries to be all girlie, funny and naughty, 'LOL - Live out Loud' has Shreya Ghoshal, Meet Bros. and Suzanne D'mello coming together to make it a fast paced funky outing. One hardly recollects the lyrics of this high on beats and full on pace track that doesn't quite have a shelf life beyond the film.

With a title like 'Tere Pyar Mein', one expects the first quintessential love song to finally make an appearance in Isi Life Mein. There is an elaborate orchestra at the beginning of the song that makes one look forward to something grand in the offing. Shreya Ghoshal begins the proceedings and does give an elaborate start to the song. Kunal Ganjwala joins her two minutes into the song and while he too tries to ignite the required passion between the two singers, the overall result just passes muster without making you long to listen to it all over again.

Kavita Seth gets a solo for herself in the form of 'Banni Avela Tharo Banna'. A traditional celebration track that belongs to the kind that one has heard a zillion times before and would continue to be played for years to come, it is a harmless song that should do well with the film's setting.

A devotional number which follows next just manages to complete the template which one expects from a Rajshri album. Udit Narayan sings 'Tum Darshan Hum Naina' which tells the tale of Lord Rama. One would have expected Isi Life Mein to deviate a little from the template approach and fill in the album with back to back songs about youngsters. However, what follows next is another version of 'Tum Darshan....' which is titled 'Apna Kaun Paraya Kaun' and is a sad take on affairs.

The album closes with three and a half minute long instrumental piece which is titled 'Taming of the Shrew Reborn Theme'. Seemingly created for a dance setting in the film's narrative, it would again all depend on the choreography to decide if the piece would have a wider reach in weeks to come.


Isi Life Mein is a barely average score that hunts for that one chartbuster to make it stand amidst the crowd. However, absence of a single track that would much of an impact, whether amongst the youth or the family crowds, coupled with the fact that there is no solid foundation that the album carries means that it would struggle hard to make its presence felt.


Isi Umar Mein

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