3.5 Very Good

I Hate Luv Storys

Jumped around in glee, like an excited child on a christmas morning, holding the much-awaited "I Hate Luv Storys" Audio Cd. Yo!, got my copy (original!!) of the much talked-about, promoted (check the twitter/FB page to get what Im talking abt), marketed movie that promises to 'cool you off' this summer.
The disc has 5 songs mostly romantic (add to it the reprise/remix/chill(?!?!) versions taking the total to 8).
Produced by Karan Johar, music by dynamic duo Vishal-Shekhar, you cannot expect any less considering the last time the coming together of these names presented one hell of an aural journey - Dostana. So let the music play...
Jab Mila Tu is a fun song with a bounce and it tickles the ear buds with ease. Initially sounds like a leftover from Dharma's last offering "Wake up Sid", but Vishal bursts out, gives it an individual character. Composition kept simple, a very 'lift your spirits' number, I love the country guitar tune in between.
Bin Tere is a number with gorgeous lines, entertaining beat, and a blend of other complimenting tones. It is a dream to listen to, although I could do away with the remix.
Sadka Kiya - Soaked with emotions, this is the one true number that gives the album its ultimate depth. A rare jewel, a clean song where lyrics & melody intertwine in unparallel harmony.
Bahara - One more soulful balladry, Shreya's version is not my fav, it takes some time to set in. But the "chill" version by Rahat Ali Khan has me totally floored with that sparkling tune, effortless playback and lissome orchestration.
The film's title song (i.e. also probably the club song for all those who followed Imran's tweets) "IHLS" is the most appreciated of all the numbers. The song introduced in the first teaser, has found itself a solid number of admirers. It is high on energy, attitude,energy of the song is well complimented by Vishal's vocals. The lyrics are catchy, infectious they stick to your lips and cant stop humming along. Its been playing on repeat on my playlist & is staying there for long.
My fav picks - Bahara (chill) Bin Tere (reprise) & IHLS (OST)
Verdict: The ensemble is pretty average. It shows great mettle and variety to have one intrigued and doesn't leave the listener disappointed. It has a good mix and a little of something for everyone.
With this rendition, V-S stick to their modish mannerisms, with a potpourri of acoustic bliss. It doesn't get close to their best (Jhankaar Beats, Om Shanti Om), but definitely is a winner in its personal way. A feast for the die hard romantics.