3.5 Very Good

I Hate Luv Storys

Following "Dostana" and "Wake Up Sid", Dharma Productions, come up with yet another youth oriented movie, oozing with freshness and attitude. Such a film also carries a certain degree of expectations with respect to its music. Vishal-Shekher did a commendable job with "Dostana", where their tunes perfectly complemented the fresh texture of the movie. So as far as the selection of music composer is concerned, Dharma Productions have taken the first right decision in signing V-S for the job.

Coming to the review of the songs, I will list down the tracks in the sequence i like them. (i am not including the re-prizes and re-mixes in my review)

1. "Bin Terey": This track has an "instant impression" on the first hearing itself. The beautiful lyrics are well complimented by the soothing composition. Shafqat Amanat Ali's velvety vocals, drenched in classical values, do full justice to the song and Sunidhi Chohan more than pefectly works as a follow up to Shafqat's soul-stirring rendition. Her rendition is mellow and enhances the undercurrent of emotions in the song. A Winner track all the way.

2. "Sadka Kiya": Now this one might not sound as good as it is in the first hearing, but believe me...just listen to it carefully for 2 or 3 times and you will fall in love with this perfect amalgamation of meaningful lyrics, infectious melody and spirited singing. The lyrics in special are the high-point of this track. Suraj and Mahaluxmi do a fine job while delivering this.

3. "Bahara": This melody oriented track might sound a bit too mushy to a few, but i actually liked it with a delicious combination of folk rustic feel and the soothing eastern melodies. Shreya Goshal does what she always does, that is to breathe soul into the wonderfully written lyrics with her hear-felt rendition.

4. "I hate Luv Stories": Groovy, upbeat, young and grasping; this is the perfect title track for such a youth oriented album. The spirited rendition by Vishal with the right amount of attitude in it enhance the impact. Instantly likable, this track will keep on sounding cool till the movie is released.

5. "Jab Tu Mila": the reason for placing this song at the bottom is not at all its low quality. The song is definitely a very nice composition, with perfect lyrics and spirited rendition. The only reason i am ranking this below the others is its lack of originality. It sounds extremely similar to VS's earlier hit "Jaaney Kyun" from Dostana. Except for this. its not a bad track at all.

So overall, though not very high on grounds of creativity (which it was never supposed to be), the album delivers exactly what could've been expected from it. Youthful, Fresh and energetic. The bonus comes in the form of some meaningful lyrics and some melodiously likable compositions. Highly recommended. The album sets just the right mood to wait for the movie to arrive.