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I Hate Luv Storys

I have good and bad news:

Bad news: Some unfortunate person has leaked the music of IHLS all over the net
Good News: It’s the highly anticipated @V1SH4L & @5hekhar musical album and even though it’s leaked you shouldn’t download it.

Now since the music isn’t out legally yet, I’ve taken to YouTubing them online to quench my thirst before I head off to the store to get my copy this weekend. Remember guys, BUY THE MUSIC and it’ll be available by the 27th May latest.

Now here’s my view of the album from the Southern Hemisphere:

Jab Mila Tu - Guitar strings, good lyrics and the perfect voice for the song. From the country-like sounds at the start to the hook of the song. It’s all catchy, fun and awesome. The line “Jaise Aadha Adura, Main Hoon Tere Bina” just shows Anvita Dutt has put in her usual self with loads more. Somehow she seems to save the best for Vishal and Shekhar. The tempo variation in the song amazes as it moves from good to undoubtedly loveable. Kudos to Vishal for singing this, his voice gets better with every song we hear.

Bin Tere - This time Vishal plays lyricist which he completes with great competence. Shafqat Amanat Ali sets the stage with his haunting voice and great projection. Especially in the lines “Lagane Lagi, Har Saaz Bhi.. Khaali” we get to hear his prowess of the art. The musical score and instrument usage is applaudable and the mystery and sensualness of (@SunidhiChauhan5) Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice adds to the fragrance of this melody. Definitely a winner for those who LUV love songs.

I Hate LUV Storys - As the song starts you know it’s a quintessential HIT V&S trademark song. Kumaar is exceptional with his Hindi-English fusion of bouncy lyrics. It’s the second time in the album we get to hear Vishal on playback and at moments in the song it feels as if there’s a United Kingdom musical touch to the already pumping percussion beats. After just three songs one wonders why Vishal and Shekhar haven’t done a Indi-Pop Album to go solo as yet.

Bahara - With the Princess of Perfection behind the credits of this melody you expect the the composer duo have extracted the best of Shreya Ghoshal (@shreyaghoshal). Sona Mohapatra does well in between giving the song a folk-rustic element however as soon as Shreya takes over again it becomes that clean, clear cut love song. Kumaar here again has another hit in terms of the lyrics.

Sadka - The unusual combination of Suraj Jugan and Mahalaxmi Iyer creates curiosity as to the outcome. Mahalaxmi’s voice is soft and sweet as always and oddly complements the rough rock-like approach taken by Suraj. It’s not the "Tu Jahaan" that you expect on every V&S album but in its own way holds its own. After Jab Mila Tu, Anvita Dutt pens once again some thought provoking lyrics, which although great, don’t match up to its predecessor.

Bin Tere (Reprise) - Shekhar gets behind the mic for this unplugged reprise. A softer, honest and more emotional version than the first which has its own plus points. It’s in this song that you find the heart-wrenching, tear-tugging melody you expect in a Vishal & Shekhar album. This version has however Kumaar as the lyricist who has not dissapointed at all in this compilation.

Bahara (Chill Version) - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is AMAZING! From the variations to the emotion, he has it all. This version brings with it a sort of semi-classical touch as he goes solo. This is perfect as he totally makes each note his own. Truly a winner!

Bin Tere (Remix) - [DJ Kiran] - DJ Kiran takes a brilliant song, gives it a greater tempo and adds some club culture that will cause this version to be a rage on the dance floors. Thankfully DJ Kiran does a wonderful job and does not detract from the songs strong points. A good transition!

I Hate LUV Storys is THE V&S Album after a long time. Well done to Director @punitdmalhotra and to Dharma Productions @kjohar25 for the great work. It is evident that this album is an accumulation of teamwork. However this moment truly belongs to V1SH4L and 5hekhar for churning out an album which although mainstream, is fun, entertaining and BRILLIANT! Keep it coming! One can only expect wonders now when @sonamakapoor and @1mrankhan hit the screens on July 2nd.

Irrespective of your view, opinion and feeling towards the title: “I Hate LUV Storys”, the sure thing is that you’re going to LOVE the music! Get your copy in store soon!

Rating: 9/10

Picks: Bahara, Jab Mila Tu, Bin Tere & I Hate Luv Storys

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