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Horn Ok Pleassss Music Review


There are some projects from which one doesn't have any hope whatsoever. Reason is simple. The initial promos of the film do not give an impression of a quality product. Nana Patekar in the lead (in spite of the film being a comedy) doesn't make one look forward to a melodious outing. Moreover, the film's title itself doesn't give one much hopes. Horn Ok Pleassss is one such project. To make matters worse, composer Lalit Pandit hasn't given one decent soundtrack ever since his split with Jatin, let alone recreate the magic of the 90's when the duo gave innumerous musical successes. No wonder, expectations are at an all time low.

Now if only roping in of Neeraj Shreedhar alone could have made a song successful! With composer Pritam, Neeraj may have given a dozen odd hits by now but he would have to give the title song 'Pom Pom Pom' a pass here. This Sajid and Farhad written number has a Western base to it but the theme feel (Nana Patekar is a truck driver in the film) is hardly enticing enough to give the song a second hearing. Even though the song is complimented by a music video with Nana trying to be all hip and cool, 'Pom Pom Pom' is such a downer that one is hardly interested in it's 'remix version' as well.

Toshi begins the crooning of 'Nathani Utaro', an item number, which was the bone of contention between Nana Patekar and Tanushree Dutta a few weeks back. Soon Tanushree walked out and Rakhi Sawant moved in for this song, which also features Nana Patekar and Muzammil Ibrahim. A 'chalu' number all the way crooned by Sunidhi Chauhan that doesn't have any double meaning to it due to it's straight forward messaging (courtesy lyricist Salim Bijnouri), 'Nathani' is for the gentry but there too it hardly succeeds in creating the impact which 'Dekhta Hai Tu Kya' [Krazzy 4] managed to make to an extent. And by the way, 'remix version' here is completely unnecessary!

Third straight down market number is heard in the form of 'Ayela Ayela', which could be good enough for the character, played by Nana Patekar in the film but is an out and out assault on the ears on the listener. Lyrics by Sajid and Farhad do not help the cause either with 'Ayela Ayela' sounding as a trademark Bappi Lahiri composition from the 80's. Sung by Sudesh Bhosale and Bela Shende, the song also has Nana Patekar mouthing a few words but to no avail. Yet another quick skip which clearly indicates what to expect from the rest of the album.

Shilpa Rao hasn't set a foot wrong ever since she first made an impression in Anwar. This is why one is apprehensive if Horn Ok Pleassss would end up breaking her winning streak. Thankfully 'Love Me Baby' turns out to be a better track, though strictly on relative scale as the number at least goes on to have a urban contemporary feel to it. In fact, one wonders why the song was not the first to be promoted since Rimi Sen's presence in the song would have made it an eye candy treat at the least. With rap by Earl, the number sees an amalgamation of Vishal-Shekhar and Pritam style of music, though lyrics by Sajid and Farhad threaten to pull it further back.

Salim Bijnouri writes 'Oya Oya', which has Shilpa Rao and KK coming together behind the mike. In any other project, the duet would have been looked forward to because of the people singing it. However, the way Horn Ok Pleassss has progressed so far, one looses all hopes from the album. Not for the wrong reason, though since 'Oya Oya' would be a number that both the singers would pronto want to knock off from their resume. An ordinary composition, which aims at being a dance track, 'Oya Oya' only, adds on to the awful mood of the album.

With a Maharashtrian base to it, 'Awaaj Kunacha - Govinda Cha' is strictly for Nana Patekar fans who would hear him singing the track. Written by Shrirang Godbole, the number (which also has singer Jaywant Wadkar coming together with Nana) reminds one of 'Aey Ganpat Baja Na' from Apna Sapna Money Money. However, while this Pritam's composition was sheer fun, Lalit Pandit's 'Awaaj Kunacha - Govinda Cha' isn't one at all.

Pleassss don't worry about Horn Ok Pleassss. It is analogous to you being stuck on a traffic signal with thousands horns screaming from all directions. This one is not even an ok album!

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