1.5 Average


This is a Fantasy movie.This movie Writen and Directed by Jennifer Lynch.who is a non indian.But This movie's story is about indian. This movie's story is that a forenar who come india and he force some indian people to get a nag. They get it but he want the nagin (ishadari nagin)Who is mallika.Then mallika come and save his partner.That's the story.This is a common story in india.this movie's story is too poor.
Now come to the perfomench.Mallika Sherawat done a ok job as The Snake Woman .Because she is a snake so she dosnot know man's word.so she don't say any word in this film.Her best scenes are when she become snake to man and man to snake she dosnot wear any dress.she have a nice sexey body what people like verymuch in this movie.Without this sexy aperence she does not get any chance to make this roll poperly.Irrfan Khan who is a police officer he done good job but he need more chance to prove himselve.Anu Malik's music is so so.I think Split Image Pictures and Venus Records & Tapes this movie is flop.